1. I’m currently away from Halifax and was struggling with what to get my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day seeing as anything I’d order online wouldn’t make it to him on time. Then I remembered someone mentioning Halifax Cookie Cravings and the day was saved! So thankful she could squeeze one more delivery for the 14th and from all the great things I’ve heard I’m sure the cookies will be delicious!

  2. Leslie

    I’ve been getting her cookies bi-regularly on Monday’s – perfect pick me up for the start of the week! Such a cute idea!

  3. Kylie Toner

    Great post about Halifax Cookie Cravings! Diana honestly makes the best sweets in Halifax and I love ordering from her for special occasions, gifts or just a little weekend treat. Looking forward to seeing her business grow!

    • My Life in the Sun

      Thanks Kylie! I totally agree. I can’t wait to see where she takes Halifax Cookie Cravings in the future.

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