Key West Jet Ski Fun

Jet Ski Fun in Key West

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Key West is a magical place. Lying in the southernmost spot in the United States it feels more like you’re in the Caribbean than in America! Miles and miles of beaches, turquoise ocean, mangroves and incredible sunsets fill every day. We packed up our sneakers, put on our flip flops and dove right in for four days of incredible relaxation excitement!

Key West Jet Ski Fun


What did I say?! We didn’t lay on the beach and soak up the sun the whole time? Drink margaritas and stay up all night? Well, that’s not really our style. We do love soaking up the sun but we LOVE a good adventure when we’re somewhere new! Key West did not disappoint! There is SO MUCH TO DO there! How were we ever going to choose a couple of fun activities we would all enjoy?

It turns out it was easy for us to choose. Every single family member was 100% keen on trying Jet Skiing for the first time. Some of us were really nervous – ok it was me. I was totally afraid I was going to go too fast and fall off but once I got up on the jet ski I got comfortable right away. They’re really quite huge and can support a lot of weight, rocking back and forth and movement in the water. I even jumped waves!

We took the Island Ket Ski Tour with Barefoot Billy’s Key West. Our guide was fantastic. He made all of us feel comfortable and relaxed which allowed us to feel more comfortable pushing the boundaries of how fast we would normally go on the jet skis. Yet he also made sure we were aware of the rules and followed them so that we were safe. He told us a lot about the local area as we drove our jet skis around the island and even gave us free time to do whatever we wanted (within the rules) in a special area. Our teens got to try driving and they loved it! I would definitely go back to Barefoot Billy’s for another tour some day.

Disclosure: We were given our tour from Barefoot Billy’s for free from The Florida Keys & Key West so that I could write this blog post, however, all opinions in this post are my own.

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