For The Mom Who’s Lost Her Sense of Self

I know what it feels like to feel lost in your own life. To be in a room and the only thing people are talking to you about are your kids. How cute they are, how adorable, look at what they can do! Having kids is amazing. It’s been the best experience of my life. But losing your sense of self in the process mom? That’s awful!

We all want to feel important, to be successful, to be more than just a mom. Yes, you’re right, being a mom is the most important job in the world. But having a sense of self and contributing in your own way to the income of your household and your personal achievements is important too!

It’s ok to want more!

It’s ok to want to provide income so you feel you’re contributing to your family. It’s ok to want friends outside of the house. It’s ok to want to go out and do things without your kids! It’s ok to want to take some of the financial stress away from your partner and want to plan for the future!

You’ll still love your kids! I promise. You’ll still be there for them. In fact you’ll be more present for them in a way you can’t imagine because

you’ll be happier then you’ve ever been!

I realized early on in my maternity leave that I couldn’t do it for much longer without going insane. I needed more than just being a mom. So, I went back to work. For those of you who are happy with a 9-5 job that’s great! For those of you who want more time at home with your kids, a bigger opportunity to make more money and the freedom to work when you please and who don’t already have a work at home business opportunity that you love read on!

Just recently I’ve realized that I had options I wasn’t even aware of when my kids were small. Would I have stayed home with them if I could have had time to myself, new friends for support and a goal outside of being a good mom? Probably! Who knows. The point is…I want you to know you have options! I want you to be aware that there are opportunities out there that will make you feel incredibly happy. There are opportunities out there that will help you to dream again, meet new people and want to be a better person!

Monat Monations Conference

I’m talking about starting your own small business in network marketing. There are many companies to choose from and no, they are not all schemes! They are legitimate companies that allow people to market their products instead of using advertising to sell in a store or online. My tips: choose one that has a real and incredible product line. You can’t sell something you don’t believe in. Choose a great team with people you connect with. How do you find these people? Ask to have coffee with people you know that are in network marketing. If you don’t connect over coffee you’re probably not going to want to work together. Then, look at what the company offers for compensation and benefits. There is a huge difference in benefits from one company to another. You might be really disappointed a couple of months in when you realize that you chose a company and product that only pays you $100 a month when you could have been making $500-5000 a month with the same amount of effort.

What shouldn’t you do? Don’t choose your company based on the sign up fee. I promise you, if you choose a company that has no fee or a very small fee to sign up, then that’s how much income you’re going to make from them. You get what you pay for in life. If you want a great company – it’s worth the investment. Once you’ve chosen your company…don’t wait and wonder what if. Don’t worry so much!! What’s the worst that can happen? You lose a little money? You were spending that on coffee and other crappy products anyway! Just jump on board and see where it takes you. I truly believe that every opportunity out there will teach you something. Nothing bad can come of trying taking a chance on something in life.

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Disclosure: I sell Monat products. We’re a new company with incredible products that are safe and actually do what they say they will. Our compensation plan is out of this world. We’re talking free trips and Cadillacs! I would love to have the chance to talk with you about our company to see if it’s the right fit for you at this time in your life. Send me a message to LauraSnowMonat (at) gmail (dot) com if you’re interested in chatting on the phone for a few minutes! It might change your life!

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