5 Great Reasons to Pack up your Kids and Go on Spring Break

Are you planning on travelling during Spring/March Break this year? There is still plenty of time to make plans. While Spring Break can be a busy time to travel, it can also be a great time to travel, since the big storms of February have past and it’s warmer down south. Some families don’t have a choice, if the parents are teachers they can only travel during school holidays. For those of you who aren’t quite sure why travel is important, and need a good reason to spend your hard-earned money, pack your bags and drag your kids all over kingdom come,  I’ve written:

5 Great Reasons to Pack up your Kids and Go on Spring Break

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1) Broaden their minds: One of the best ways to inspire our children to have goals and dreams, is to show them that there is more to the world than what lies in their own city. I think you can get this experience by going anywhere. Even going to Disney World will teach your children about other cultures. Or you could go on an adventure, go on safari, go to a developing country and build a school. Do whatever you think will help your kids become greater human beings.

2) You only live once: this one is for you parents. You’ve spent your whole life worrying about getting a good job, saving for retirement, getting insurance, saving for a rainy day etc. Well you had dreams once too, when you were small or just starting out. Don’t forget about those dreams. I think people who travel are happier and healthier. So save for it and make it a priority – the same as saving for retirement. And have fun while you’re at it. Don’t let your children be the only ones to go on that roller coaster, pet the animals in the zoo or swim with the dolphins. You do it too!

3) Help siblings appreciate each other: Travel can bring families closer together. It can help your children appreciate their siblings, when they only have each other to play with and talk to. Travel is also a great time to schedule time alone with each of your children, to do something special together. Travel gives you time to enjoy your family, and grow together.

4) Children will learn to eat new things: This might be a stretch, but, I think picky eaters can sometimes open their eyes, while traveling. They might watch children from other countries eating, and learn to appreciate what they have at home.  They may want to try something new, because they see another child eating it, or because they are at a new restaurant, in a special situation. After all, even if you don’t like bananas at home, if you see a chocolate covered banana at Disney World you’re probably going to give it a try.

5) Get warm: this obviously only applies if you are heading south, but, honestly there is no better reason to go on Spring Break. We all could use a vacation from the cold by February/March, especially the adults, who have been shovelling snow for weeks. Wouldn’t you just love to ditch those snow boots for some flip-flops? I know I would!

Whatever your reason to travel during Spring Break, why not take a look at a few different places to travel. You just might find a new favourite spot and avoid some of the crowds. Over at Taking the Kids, they have put together a long list of places you could take your family during Spring Break. Their list of Spring Break Ideas to Meet Every Family’s Wish List, includes ideas for adventure travel, beach getaways, European travel and much more. There is a wealth of information in this article from where to stay and special events that are going on. Happy Travels!


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